here’s a haiku:

where is my advil?

my back is killing me now

i am hungry too

anyways.. my site’s been down pretty often at this hour of day for some reason lately.. hmm.. that sounded very redundant to me.. shrug.. i’m almost done with the LA Central site again.. i already changed the layout after version 3 was uploaded for only a couple weeks. every time i looked at it, i just thought it looked ugly and unprofessional.. everything just looked all thrown together.. i didn’t want people to think that that was my best work.. a half effort… i really like it now though… it’s odd.. the simpler i made it look, the more complex it was for me

for some reason.. my groin is hurting today.. i haven’t really done any strenuous exercise.. actually i haven’t done any exercise.. but.. it still hurts.. hmm… my knee suddenly started pulsing and it’s oddly very warm.. whatever… it’s probably because i’m sleepy.. i guess i’ll be heading off now..