hmm.. here’s some weird fears i have

whenever i stick my hand into a bread bag, i’m worried there’s mold

when i order something online, i always think i ordered the wrong thing

when i remember numbers, i don’t trust myself to remember them in the right order

when i’m following directions, i have to look at the street name i turn on the paper for every street i pass

when i drive on the far left side of the freeway, i’m afraid i might hit the side

i’m always worried i’m drinking spoiled milk

i don’t like going to the doctors cause i don’t like hearing bad news

whenever i see little kids next to stairs, i get scared

whenever i’m home alone, i like one light on in another room or my door closed

i don’t like committing to going to things cause i don’t want to find out later there’s something else i’d rather do

i don’t like commitment for pretty much the same reason

i feel like i’m missing important calls on my cell because i get no reception at home

that’s all i can think of now..