got this profile from andy

General Stuff

Full name: timothy lynn-won myung

Nickname(s): tim

Height: 5’7″

Siblings: jean

Birthplace: arcadia, ca

Birthday: september 23

Where you live now: san gabriel, ca

Nationality: korean

Languages: english

Single or Taken: single


Food: pasta

Drink: cherry coke

Movie: gladiator

Book: chicken soup series

Quote/Saying: whatever

TV Show: west wing, simpsons

Musical Group/Person: switchfoot, staind, sum 41,

Type of Music: rock

Sports Team: dodgers

Athlete: ray lewis

Which do you prefer?

Dress up or Dress down: up

Flip phone or candy bar phone: flip

Black or White: umm.. blue

Buy cd or download a cd: download

Flowers or candy: cookies

BMW or Mercedes: vw

Rap or Rock: rock

Laptop or Desktop: i want a laptop

Have you ever…

Been in love: probably

Drank Alcohol: yes

Smoked: yes

Done Drugs: i’ve been taking advil almost daily

Cheated on a Test: yes

Been in Jail: no

Gotten a Ticket: two speeding tickets

Got in a fight: yes

Run away from home: yes

Broken a bone: yes, both bones in my left wrist and my right elbow

Stayed up all night studying: yes

Stayed up talking with someone: yes

Stayed up all night thinking about someone: yes

Stayed up all night because of someone: yes

Opposite Sex

What do you first notice: smile

What do you look for (physical): nice butt

What do you look for (personality): flirt, happy

Have a crush: yes

Ever had a significant other: yes

Ever been rejected: yes

Ever been cheated on: yes

Ever cheated on Someone: no

Ever rejected Someone: yes

Finish the Sentence

Life is…short, play hard

Death is… inevitable

Happiness is… a state of mind

Sadness is… not being able to say how you feel