someone told me the other day that she loved getting calla lilies. and i thought to myself.. calla lilies?.. i mean.. i’ve given roses.. and.. daisies.. and wild flowers.. but.. calla lillies.. they’re so simple.. green stem.. white petal, yellow thing in the middle?.. but yah.. anyways.. i didn’t even realize until a couple weeks ago.. that i had calla lilies planted in my garden… i was the one that actually planted them.. i brought this up cause.. i was watching a tv show today.. and some guy went into a flower shop and he bought his girl one single calla lily and i thought to myself.. wow.. that’s kinda cute…

ok.. i know that was a weird way to start this post.. but frankly.. i still have nothing to talk about… my knee hurts from playing on it too hard yesterday.. my fantasy baseball team seems to be improving.. it’s summer.. and hot… hmm… perfect time to grab my glove, chew some bubble gum and head to a baseball diamond.. i’m.. pretty pumped up about the dodger game i’m going to on wednesday… i haven’t gone to a game since last year. did you hear about the guy who was caught on the kiss cam in a baseball game. he was wanted for some drug trafficking charge and his parole officer so happened to be at the same game.. and busted him.. haha.. what’s the probability of that…

i’d like to be caught on the kiss cam as well… haha .. maybe i will be on wednesday..

here’s two songs i’ve come to like

beck – lost cause – this is a song you can fall asleep to while you’re driving

switchfoot – gone – i don’t get most of the lyrics but.. i think it’s still a fun song..

just to let everyone know.. and a lot of people have asked for some reason… but.. i’m fine… i hope you are too