i did a pretty long survey at de luz last week.. it was one of those what is your spiritual gifts surveys. anyways… my results came out somewhat like i expected.. i had high scores in evangelism and missionary.. and low in .. healing, exholtation, tongues, and prophecy.. leadership was kinda high for me, which i didn’t really expect.. but the one gift i was highest on, which did surprise me, was faith. according to this survey, my spiritual gift is faith.

i guess in a way.. it makes some sense.. i’ve never really ever questioned the existance of God.. i don’t ever tell myself.. what if there’s no God and believe it. i guess to me.. God has always been.. like.. that one grandfather that lives far away, or like that toy in the closet that you love to play with but get bored of really fast.. i mean.. it’s there.. i don’t question that it’s there.. it’s just hidden somewhere in the background…

i love the lyrics to this mercy me song..

“…the last thing i need is to be heard

but to hear what You would say…”

what a great line..

my watch has run out of batteries.. or.. i guess.. it’d be battery.. because i believe there’s only one.. i’ve been wearing this hairband rubberband thing on my wrist instead ’cause i feel naked without something on my wrist… weird thing is… someone left their watch in my guitar.. well.. it isn’t my guitar, but jennifer’s.. but i probably play it more.. either way.. i have a light blue timex sport watch. if anyone lost it.. tell me. i think it’s a girls watch.

yesterday, i went into my church’s elevator and i pushed the button to go upstairs.. and the doors closed and they opened again.. no one was outside.. no one was even in the church… the doors seem to open for no reason.. so.. outloud i said.. “ok jesus.. come in here”