it’s only 11:11.. and it’s kinda funny, ’cause i feel like it’s way past my bedtime… i’m dead tired right now.. and that’s even after i took a 2 hour nap earlier today.. i wonder what time i’m going to wake up tomorrow morn… hmm.. here’s a recap of last week

woke up at 5 every day by gloria to run

ate every meal every day except friday night

i was in temecula on monday, wednesday, friday, saturday and sunday

caught tadpoles in a stream

got eaten up by bugs

did devotions every day

had my one week anniversary of marriage

had a fan club

pissed off some more girls

crashed my computer

had the worst praise practice ever

had the worst praise ever

drove 500 miles

slept by 11

i was sitting next to the fire place outside at de luz playing my guitar.. and well whenever i go there.. i get this feeling.. this weird feeling.. maybe it’s the sulfur in the air.. or.. the memories.. but.. i always question my status with God.. and.. there i was again.. on last saturday .. thinking about God.. and wondering why i didn’t have that excitement i once had.. so.. once again.. i closed my eyes.. and i said a small prayer.. God… give me a sign on what i should do… amen…

i went inside and.. well.. i hadn’t been going to the lectures.. ’cause well.. they seemed really boring to me.. but anyways.. i walked in and the next thing on the agenda was the voluntary prayer meeting.. so.. i decided to stay in the living room like i had been doing the last couple times it was going on.. but jina said.. “let’s go pray.” so i went inside to pray.. and.. i walked in in the middle of when pastor myers(sp?) was speaking.. and the only thing i caught was.. pray for 40 days… that’s all he asked for.. not a simple prayer.. but a deep prayer..

and i thought about it to myself.. and lately i hadn’t been praying all that much.. true.. i’ve been thinking about God a lot and… doing a lot of .. church-ly things.. but… talking directly to God.. was something i hadn’t done in.. a while… instead of .. talking to God.. i’ve been just talking to myself.. so.. well.. i took the pastor up on his challenge.. and i’m going to pray every day for the next 40 days…

i was talking to monica after.. she told me she’d be noticing i’ve been getting less and less involved in the activities at de luz and that she was praying that i’d do more.. and i guess.. her prayer was answered…

we’ll see where my spiritual life is 40 days..