so.. i didn’t get any sleep last night because of my dog… it kept crawling on to my bed. yes.. it still has no name.. we’ve had it for.. less than a week.. give it time.. i’ll think of something..

anyways.. i wrote.. a while ago.. that my mom wanted to move.. and well.. the house my mom wanted to move to.. they were asking for too much.. so now she just wants to buy a new home now. there’s this one house she likes that’s still only a couple blocks from where i live… it’s alright.. in the back of my head.. i’m thinking.. it’s not like we’re really going to move…

camping or empower… empower or camping.. right now.. i don’t know which one… i haven’t gone camping in forever.

fantasy draft is over.. there’s 14 teams in the league.. and i got to pick dead last.. yay.. i got mcnabb and harrison. my rb’s suck though… totally different from last year.. we’ll see how it goes. i got stallworth and santana moss too… yay.. and i got michael pittman.. i loved him.. 2 years ago.. haha.. michael pittman is aaron.

go grilledcheese