well.. i was going to make this picture turn into a mouseover.. but .. i tried and i tried to no avail… i think the javascript is having some issues with blogger… i’m sure.. i can figure out some way to make it work but.. hmm.. whatever… now that i don’t have the picture as a mouseover.. i don’t see why i’d keep the picture.. o.. whatever.. this is my buddy sarah..

sarah harasses people… =)

anyways… my website is finally up again.. so is xanga.. so is my email account… coincidence?.. hmm.. maybe…

i really have nothing to write about.. i had to do laundry today because i forgot to wash my boxers the other day with the rest of my clothes. i bought madden 2004 yesterday. and it’s pretty awesome.. though gameplay is identical to madden 2003. 2004 has more of a … “theme park” feeling to it.. if you don’t understand what it means, i can’t explain. you wouldn’t understand. buy theme park, buy madden 2004.. then you’ll understand. i still haven’t washed my car yet.. o my poor car.. how i’ve neglected it..

i’m sorry… anyone want to wash it with me?