Here in this diary,

I write you visions of my summer.

It was the best I ever had.

There were choruses and sing-alongs,

and that unspoken feeling

of knowing that right now is all that matters.


well.. i’ve been getting almost 3 times the hits i usually get… i figure it’s cause xanga is down and people just need something to talk about.. it’s kinda weird i haven’t updated in.. quite a bit of time… you know there’s so much i can write about. so much.. that i don’t know where to start… so.. i’ll just.. umm.. write a list of.. whatever for the last .. 4 weeks or so..

i perfected my spin and bowled a 145

i got 3 numbers right on the lottery and won 10 bucks

i had a “fan club” according to a couple people

i got a very nice tan, though i didn’t want one

i got 3 haircuts, one that cost 15 bucks

i ate ramen 3 days straight and broke out

i found someone that can play norah jones (wonder if she can sing it)

i found a fortune in my car that said “you are guided by a secret love and secret friendship”

i drove 1000 miles in one week

i lived in pleasanton, sacramento and napa

i roomed with bryan, ted, andy and joe

i went horseback riding

i shot pool

i saw us hit a deer

i found treasures on the nile

i added 37 people to my buddy list

i went to raging waters

i laughed with God

i laughed with new friends

i caught tadpoles

i fanned myself with my hand

i got pants entirely

i met more relatives

i played football 13 on 13

i died in mafia

i took someone’s pillow

i went over my minutes

i ate coldstones

i ate vegetarian buffet 3 times in 2 weeks

i started saying hecka.. (don’t ask)

i dropped my bible and phone in a fountain

i got 400 miles on one tank of gas

i didn’t touch my fantasy team and it went up

i threw out my arm

i ate tater tots almost every day

i went rock climbing

ok.. that’s all i remember at the moment.. that was my summer in a nutshell..