this is what my meals have consisted of since coming back from the trip

2 bags of flaming hot fries

2 bottles of cherry coke

3 cinnamon rolls

4 donettes

1 pack of sapporo ichiban (raw)

1 cherry/coke slurpy

oddly enough.. i don’t think i’ve been drinking much water either.. i’m not .. that hungry.. actually i feel kinda full.. though i may die of a heart attack soon.. hehe

i believe i whiffed that ball… my arm still feels like it wants to seperate from my body after i throw a ball a couple times… i think i should seriously rest it … yah.. like that’s going to happen.. haha… yesterday.. i couldn’t even touch the 80-90 mile per hour balls in the batting cage till i took off my glasses… once i took them off, i hit the ball every time.. it’s weird.. cause.. all i can really see is a blur coming toward me… i think wearing my glasses messes with my depth perception.. maybe i should start wearing my contacts again…

what a hassle… i haven’t worn contacts consistantly since last year after empower.. eh

i want.. tater tots…