ok.. my web1000 server isn’t letting me delete files on it… so.. yah.. i haven’t been able to update this site yet… how do i keep updating my bloggers then… you ask? well.. actually this blog is on the la central website server … and the iframe is just connected to it.. so whatever…

i was talking to susan last night.. and she was talking about her freshman english class.. so it reminded me of my freshman class.. and i talked about how we watched the oj simpson trial in class all the time…

“oj simpson… who is oj simpson”

o my…

you know… jay leno still makes fun of oj simpson sometimes… the news still tells us when oj simpson goes golfing… who is oj simpson.. o my…. do you remember that one year LA had the riots, fires, a drought, then flooding.. i think it was like.. in 1992?… same time as the gulf war… man… susan would’ve been… 3 around that time..

some day… someone’s gonna ask me how it felt to live through things like..



dodgers winning a playoff game

ravens winning the super bowl


pre-aim (have you heard of telnet)

windows 3.1

386 computers

2400 bbps modems

apple computers




i’m gonna just shake my head.. and say.. i’m not.. that old.. am i?

i think i know how susan feels though.. last saturday, i was at joey’s place and a couple of us were answering trivial pursuit questions… (don’t ask)… and.. a question came up that the answer was.. some guy that starred in “night court”.. and… joey and sarah were like.. yah… night court.. i remember night court… but me.. in the back of my head.. i think i remember seeing reruns of it… sometime in my life… but… that’s.. all i remember…

i remember when…. the original game boy first came out.. i remember when kids played outside and didn’t sit on their computers and get fat… i remember when having 2 computers was unheard of… haha… i remember text based webpages… i remember copying songs off kiis fm to tape… i remember when there was no sprite… only 7-up… matter of fact.. i remember the original 7-up… and the original recipe from kfc… yah.. i’ve been vegeterian for 2 years.. but i know, when the colonel died, kfc’s recipe changed..

yes.. there was a real colonel..