found this survey on grace lee’s xanga. don’t ask me what the missing number questions are.. i haven’t no idea.. bear with me.. it’s late.. i just ran.. and .. i’m dead tired… o… and.. i regretted starting the survey… toward the end of it.

1. Name: timothy

2. Birthday: september 23

3. Piercings: none

4. Tattoos: none

5. Height: 5’7

6. Shoe size: 9

7. Hair color: black

8. Hair Length: short

9. Pets: puppy named roomie

10. All I need: i can pretty much entertain myself with anything

11. Love is: forever

12. If I could see one person right now: kristen kreuk

13. I dream about: shrug.. football


1. Movie you rented: hmm… i know i just saw a movie.. umm… basic

2. Movie you bought: full metal jacket

3. Song you listened to: Evan and Jaron – crazy for this girl

4. Song you had stuck in your head: none

5. Song you’ve downloaded: sugar ray – mr. bartender

6. Person youve called: monica

7. Person that called you: susan

8. TV shows you’ve watched: law and order

9. Person you were thinking of: andy

Do you….

1. You have a bf?: no… hmm.. hahaha

2. You have a crush on someone?: maybe, just.. maybe

3. You wish you could live somewhere else?: san jose

4. You think about suicide?: in the past

5. You believe in online dating?: no

6. think others find you attractive?: no

7. You want more piercings?: no

8. You want more tattoos?: yes.. i want one on my back


4. Thing to talk about?: ummm.. football

5. Sports? football

6. Drinks? cherry coke

7. Clothes?: anything dressy

10. Holiday? thanksgiving

11. Car? my jetta


1. Shampoo do you use? i think it’s called satinque

2. Perfume/Cologne do you use?: huge dark blue

3. Number of times I have had my heart broken? countless

4. Number of hearts I have broken? probably countless too

Have you ever…

1.Been in love? yup

2. Cried when someone died? no

3. Drank alcohol? you know… i haven’t been sick in ages…


1. Makes you laugh the most?: depends on my mood

2. Makes you smile?: there is someone…

3.Gives you a funny feeling when you see them?: like.. gas?… hehe..

4. Has a crush on you? shrug

5. Easier to talk to, Boys or Girls? i have a hard time talking to girls

Have you ever:

1. Sat on the Internet all day waiting for someone special to IM: hmm.. sounds like something i’d do

2. Saved AOL/AIM conversations?: dead aim saves everything

3. Cried because of someone saying something to u?: hmm… i think i cry whenever my mom opens her mouth

4. Fallen for your best friend?: nope

5. Been rejected? yes, many a time

6. Rejected someone? probably.. i’m clueless about that sort of thing though

7. Been cheated on? probably

Who was the last person:

1. You talked to in person?: my.. dad?

2. Hugged?: hmmm… i’m not really a huggy person

3. You instant messaged? i don’t.. instant message anyone..

4. You laughed with? when laureen ran into the door.. i thnkt hat’s the hardest i’ve laughed in a long time

Do you:

1. Color your hair? i used to color it dark red

2. Ever get off the darn computer? not really.. it’s my life line

3. Habla espanol? un poco

Have you / Are you / Do you:

1. Obsessive: i am a little OCD i believe

2. Could you live without the computer? oddly.. yes

3. How many peeps are on your buddy list? 112

4. What’s your favorite food? i love spinach salad

5. Whats your favorite fruit? i like.. strawberry ice cream.. but i’m not sure if i like raw strawberries

6. Drink alcohol?: no.

7. Like watching sunrises or sunset? i don’t think i’ve seen the sun rise before

8. What hurts the most, physical pain or emotional pain? emotional, definitely.. physical pain is just.. physical. bones heal.

9. Trust others way too easily? no.. not at all

Final Questions:


I want: you to be happy

I love: an adventure..

I fear: falling backwards