i was looking over my blogger archives.. realized they didn’t work.. fixed it.. then saw this little survey thing i did a while ago.. let’s see how many things changed

5 things that make you laugh:

5. the tv

4. friends

3. myself

2. my dog

1. when laureen had to run into the door (hahahahaha)

5 things you love:

5. God

4. football

3. my car

2. doing html

1. playing my guitar

5 things you hate:

5. responsibility

4. commitment

3. hate hating

2. the norm

1. drama

5 things you don’t understand:

5. my parents

4. anyone who wants to be a doctor

3. why it’s so hot in here

2. girls

1. korean

5 things you plan to do before you die:

5. buy a classic muscle car

4. win the lottery

3. get married

2. have 4 kids

1. graduate

5 things that you like about the opposite sex:

5. neck

4. butt

3. eyes

2. commitment to God

1. smile

5 things you say the most:

5. riiiight

4. whatever

3. uh huh

2. hmmm

1. k

5 bad habits you have:

5. aggravate past injuries

4. refuse to see a doctor

3. wake up late

2. sleep late

1. procrastinate

5 things you wish you had:

5. a 67 pontiac firebird

4. a drum set

3. a new guitar

2. 40 inch vertical

1. direction

5 scents you love:

5. my car when it doesn’t smell bad (mmm… mango)

4. barbeque

3. herbal essences

2. there’s this lotion.. i don’t remember the smell

1. the smell of my ftc necklace

5 things you are thinking about right now:

5. my blinking clock

4. i should go to sleep

3. i have a voicemail.. wonder who it’s from

2. where’s that dog?

1. i wonder if i can see the big dipper

5 things that you have done today:

5. picked up a guitar

4. website work.. of course

3. worked out

2. are you ready for some football?

1. nothing

5 drinks you regularly drink:

5. lemonade

4. boba

3. rootbeer

2. water

1. cherry coke

if you’re looking for the original it’s in the january blogger archives. january 11. hmmm… when i did the survey today, i did not look at the answers i wrote on the old one first.. but some of the answers match… i still wanna win the lottery.. butt seems to have gone up a couple notches.. i don’t say whatever as much… i still love herbal essenses. hmmm.. what else.. yah well you can look it over if you’d like..

some people have asked me what the chinese writing on the last post was.. it means temple of God.. if i were to ever get a tattoo.. that’s what i’d want on my back.. doubt that’d happen though…