i’ve got a new life line.

my servers letting me delete and copy now… so.. if you haven’t noticed.. version o.2 is up… the little logs on the side work.. but really.. i realize most of them are just for me too look back on and think … o… i was thinking that at the time. i heard a sermon the other day from joey and one of the points he made was that you should literally count your blessing at the end of each day. write it down somewhere.. and i think two of my blogs are kinda like that… the star-blogs haven’t been updated regularly though…

i went to work at the union rescue mission (URM) for the weekend. if you’ve never done it before.. i recommend you do it at least once in your life. it’s such an interesting experience. from friday night to sunday morning, we (church) served two to 3 sets of meals for each meal. when we weren’t serving, we were cooking/cutting/cleaning for the next set of meals, non-stop from 5:30 am to 8 at night. we got one break at 10 to have worship. you can’t complain though.. cause well.. they’re so greatful for the help…

sarah rhetorically asked… “can you imagine having to work here every day?”

i said “yes, i could. but it’d be tough.”

she wasn’t too happy that i answered her question but either way.. all i wanted to do after we were done was to go to sleep. of course… i had to go through another one of joe’s gay escapades. but that’s a different story.

i’m not one to believe in coincidence. going to the phillipines totally thwarted that belief. everything, yes everything, happens for a reason. i mean… just going to empower… every place i went.. i was there for a reason.. i learned something new… and i think i learned something from URM. they say (who’s they), that everyone is only a couple paychecks away from being homeless. which is so true. once we’re not living off our parents penny and on our own, a wrong decision could find us on the streets.

God’s grace gives us the good things we don’t deserve, and his mercy keeps us from getting the bad things we do deserve…

leaving URM i realized i have a new line on my hand. my sister tells me it’s just age. but i think it’s more… someone else (maybe mike?) joked that it means i’ll have new wife in my life. either way.. i feel like.. my future was altered for some reason this weekend. something new came into my life..