hey look! i’m posing..

don’t ask me what i’m doing.. honestly.. i really don’t know… me and my sister had some spare time before dinner at the stinking rose last monday so.. she was just snapping pictures of me… i’m a weird looking guy… don’t you think?

well… i ingested a chocolate brownie frap earlier today and for about an hour afterwards i was totally wired.. ask monica.. she knows.. but yah… brownie fraps; would you like some coffee with that sugar coated brownie and chocolate fudge mix?… i was bouncing off the walls.. then.. i crashed for a little bit.. and.. i just.. felt… bleh… and now.. i can’t sleep… i haven’t had a drop of coffee in for a couple months now.. i seem to be very sensitive to it.

now i gotta piss like a race horse.. but i’m too… hmm.. i guess, lazy … to go to the bathroom. i’ve been working on the la central website again… here’s the beta version of the site. yup.. i started from square one again. and it looks completely different now.. don’t you think?.. i have yet to give it a general audience though… i find something different to change in it all the time…

it’s going to be my crown jewel…. my mona lisa… my opus… then my mom or someone else is going to look at it and say.. “this website is crap”.. and i’m gonna nod my head and smile and the fall into a deep deep depression realizing how big of a failure i am but mask it with, of course, a smile.. =) *shake my head…

i was trying to decide on a snowboard or cash for a digital camera… truth be told i want both. it seems the latter would be more practical… though winter is just around the corner.. i’m not a very good boarder anyways… yet.. i have this feeling that i’m going to lose a camera if i get one.. i’ve always had bad luck when i’ve bought expensive things. ie … (my subwoofer, my automatic car starter, my jetta’s strut bar, school text books) all things i never used. i’ve wanted to get an air intake for my car.. but i doubt i’d install it if i got it… *sigh… a guitar.. a guitar is something i’d use… but they’re pretty pricey…

boy.. i’m going to be .. very tired tomorrow.. rrrr… today… very tired.. indeed. mustn’t forget

joe’s binder

windows xp for eugene

madden 2004 for stephen

eh.. i feel like i already forgot something for someone else.. what.. can .. it.. be… eh… whatever… must go to sleep now

o.. one more thing

here’s a picture of half of me and my sister. i personally think it’s a nice picture of her. me?… hmm.. i don’t know.. i look weird again.. must be barrel distortion.. yes.. i just learned that today… my sister is great. i don’t know what i’d do without her.

it’s great to know that whatever age i’ll be, i’ll still be someone’s dongseng.

ok.. i really gottta sleep now.