well.. i just spent an hour researching on which digital camera to buy.. and i finally found one at a good price… the canon s230. at compusa, it’s being advertised for 250 but i have i a 10% discount. it’s 3.2 megapixels… 3x optical zoom.. small. and i like canon’s features…

it’s out of stock.

it’s not only out of stock on the internet… it’s out of stock in every store in the la area… sigh… every other internet store i’ve seen has been selling it for 300 dollars at least…. so.. back to research. my sister wanted me to get the a200 from canon.. but i saw it in the store today.. and i don’t like it much… i was looking into the pentax 33L… i find it to be an ugly camera.. but it has some pretty neat features on it.. eh… we’ll see what happens with that….

“you’ll find a camera sooner or later. don’t worry about it”… hehe… monica also told me that 250 bucks was “quite a lot of money for a camera”… sometimes… i wonder… haha

i was also looking into wireless routers…. compusa is selling belkin wireless 802.11b routers for 30 bucks after 30 dollar rebate. which is pretty good.. it’s not the top of the line 802.11G’s but… do computers really need to transfer that fast… yah.. i’m sure people said that once about… 486 computers… i remember thinking man.. 1.0 ghz pentiums.. why would anyone need a computer faster than that… technologies.. increasing exponentially….

anyways… so.. i figure.. a 802.11b is efficient enough for home use… and i’m not going to be the one using wireless anyways.. so it doesn’t matter to me… i found yahoo sbc dsl for 27 a month.. which is.. just.. 5 bucks more than aol. it comes with the modem and everything… plus $50 activation fee.. why’s it cost so much to activate… hmm.. yes…

my dog was just sleeping on my lap and now she walked away… she kinda smells.. sarah says i smell.. but.. this dog.. roomie.. smells… she’s getting so big… man.. she’s so cute….