i know.. it’s late… really late… yah.. i promised myself i’d sleep before two but it just wasn’t in the cards tonight… not that i was doing anything really important… tonight’s excuse was me wanting to change the la central website again… (it’s only been.. less than a month.. people seem to like it.. why do i have this compulsive need to change it)

i think i just like this time of day. it allows me to get a little time for myself when the rest of the world (pacific standard time) is sleeping away their worries.

i don’t really have anything to write about… i think i just started this post cause i feel i have something to say to someone. but i’m too lazy or too proud or too confused or too .. something.. to im/call them. i don’t know…

dear God,

are you trying to tell me something? caise you’ve got my attention

i thank you for the constants in my life and the surprises that come from them.

whenever i feel like i have nothing to offer, you always give me more to give. i challenge you to make something of me.

you’re awesome

i love you