i had an intense emotion filled dream last night… so intense i had the taste of strawberry in my mouth when i woke up… yah… don’t ask… it was definitely an odd dream… i really have nothing else to talk about other than that… i’m getting dsl on tuesday… most people are amazed that i don’t have it already. i never really needed it… i have to go and buy a router and cards to hook up all the computers.

wireless – b or

wireless – g

hmm…. i remodelled my room slightly… i realize.. i have to change things in my room at least once like.. every couple months… i need things to look different.. now.. there’s a whole bunch of stuff in the middle of my room… and i’m too lazy to pick it up and find a place for them… wow.. it’s messy… i gotta pick it up before i let roomie back in my room.. she’ll eat anything on the ground…