anything else?

19. i almost always wear something around my neck

20. i don’t like the new actors in the practice

21. i use winamp 2.91

22. i think i miss almost 2/3 of calls to my cell phone when i’m at home

23. my fantasy football team is 0-5

24. i’m excited about this dodger offseason

25. the fastest i’ve ever driven is 123 miles per hour

26. i’ve once gotten a ticket for driving 115

27. i voted yes, camejo, no, and no

28. i watch oprah pretty often

29. i’ve manually alphabetized the numbers in my phone

30. i ran the half marathon in 2:30 without training

31. i’m talking to monica, susan and danny online

32. i use dialup

33. i have 11 gigs of hard drive space

34. when i bowled on my birthday i got 178

35. when i bowled on gloria’s phone i got 188

36. i’m highly sentimental – highly

37. i have a carl’s jr 53 on my car window

38. i have 3 wisdom teeth

39. my favorite sport is probably baseball, then football

40. my favorite sport to play is probably football, then baseball

41. i spell it grey, colour and cheque