just the facts, sir

1. whenever i’m asked to register for something on line and i don’t want to use my name, i put the name tyler davis

2. my favorite number is 27 and it makes me oddly happy whenever i see it

3. when i’m a receiver in football, i prefer to by on the right side

4. in football, i like playing safety the most

5. in baseball, i prefer 3rd.

6. the sign in names for all my accounts are allintimyng

7. i haven’t eaten meat in 2 years and 2 months

8. my favorite caffeinated drink is cherry coke followed by barq’s rootbeer.

9. i always carry a sleeping bag in my car

10. whenever i see the word muah online, i get chills or something of the sort

11. i’m highly superstitious – highly

12. the first thing i almost always pull when playing sports is my groin muscles followed by my hams and my calves.

13. i’ve lived in the same house all my life

14. i’m currently talking to crystal and gloria online

15. first thing i do when i come online is check my mail

16. second thing is fantasy sports

17. if i put my cell phone on my lap after i talk to someone on the phone, i subconsciously think i’m killing sperm

18. i’ve had only 8 hours of sleep for the last 62 hours. friday morning till now. 3 hours friday night. 5 hours last night.