roomie says … “i want in-n-out”

well.. this is my dog, roomie. ain’t she a cutie?… she’s an american chihuahua… not a spanish one… pure bred.. she was born on july 1, 2003. which makes yesterday… her 3 month birthday… and like a typical girl, she totally has me wrapped around her little paw. according to bonnie, roomie really likes me… which is unlike a typical girl… it’s so cute when i’m playing baseball and she sits and watches me from the fence.

i have this trick though… whenever my parents scold her for peeing or pooing on the kitchen ground… i wait and i take her and hold her for a little bit afterwards.. it makes me realize when i’m a dad, my kids are totally gonna take advantage of me… and my wife will totally have to be the disciplinarian.

eh… she’s so cute..