just a thought

i think if everyone wore name tags every day, the world would be a happier place. it’d be easier to get to know people and you’d know everyone by name. those that don’t want to wear the name tags you would know to be criminals because they have something to hide

i think the nba made a terrible choice when they decided to broadcast only on cable. for a fan like me that doesn’t really care, i don’t care anymore. o clippers won… cool… o lakers lost… cool… whatever

i used to play a game on nintendo. Jaleco – it was a baseball game. it was the first game i played where the umpires said out or safe. i remember thinking it was amazing and i remember my mom talking to her friends in disbelief that a game would do that. the players actually slid on command. now i can’t play a game that’s more than a couple years old cause the graphics suck.

last week, in family groups i talked about how when we were younger we all played ditch’em. the kids now at church do not play ditch’em. they just sit and play their video games with good graphics. that’s why they’re all fat. i blame the internet

instead of getting stamps, wouldn’t you want your footlong at subway to be 20% cheaper?

speaking of stamps.. they’re 37 cents now which i think it’s still amazingly cheap. i used to have a stamp collection…

i think… no… here’s something that you should remember. if you ever call my phone, and i don’t answer which is a highly likely. don’t leave a voicemail just saying… “call me back.” i obviously didn’t want to talk to you when you called me the first time, what makes you think i’d call you back to talk to you. tell me why you want me to call you back and then i’ll think about it.