o.. i forgot to mention …

last friday when i gave blood, i think it could’ve.. and i can be mistaken.. but it was my 8th time. which equals to one gallon of blood. it’s taken me 4 years.. but i finally got it.. hopefully.. next time it’ll only take me 1 or 2 years. i went on friday with jooree, of course.. and also gloria.. i don’t know why but gloria was making me extremely nervous. it was her first time.. yay for her! all the red cross volunteers were babying her. haha… i was afraid she was gonna faint on her way home… but she.. didn’t… actually she didn’t even go home. she must’ve left like an hour before me.. but there was so much traffic going down rosemead she ended up just going straight to church and i made it there just a little bit after her. =P

jooree, gloria and me

we just might’ve saved 9 lives that day.

give blood.. it’s good for everyone involved

… anyways

gloria’d wouldn’t like it if she knew i was up this late

maybe i’ll watch matrix 2 now