i’m giving blood this friday and here’s some facts that i picked up that might be interesting…

1. one unit of blood contains about 600 calories. a person is allowed to give blood every 8 weeks or about.. 6 or 7 times a years. one pound is 3500 calories. by giving blood 6 times a year, you lose one pound you would’ve gained that year.

2. giving blood reduces chances of heart problems later in life in males. scientist aren’t sure exactly why, but they believe it has to do with iron build up. females don’t have to worry about it cause.. well you think about it… the studies also show that post menapausal women have increased chance of heart problems.

3. as an asian you have

39% – O+

27% – A+

25% – B+

7% – AB+

you have less than a one percent chance of having negative blood for each type

click here for more quick facts about donations.

let’s give blood together.. i’m going to give it in the afternoon on friday. =) each one of us can save 3 lives.