well.. it’s been a little while since i’ve posted. i’m sure it’s cause no one’s told me to post in a while.. so i haven’t felt obligated to. but i just spent some time reading other people’s bloggers/xangas, i figured might as well write something too.

i guess here’s an update

1. it suddenly became cold this last weekend and i must have bad circulation ’cause my feet are really cold. i think maybe roomie has gotten sick because of the cold.. she was throwing up everywhere. took me an hour to clean it up. i like it though… the weather i mean.. makes me want to go to mammoth. i love it when the air is crisp. and you gotta bundle up even though as i write this, i’m in my boxers. which is i guess a weird thing about me…; i sleep with a shirt off even on the coldest of days… i love it when you talk, you can see your breath.

2. i got a haircut. hmm… i love getting haircuts cause i can just leave the house without doing my hair in the morning. this may be another weird thing about me but i don’t feel attractive when i have long hair. i think it has to do with growing up with my mom always telling me i look good after i get a haircut. (so i feel i look bad when i don’t) i think that’s why i start freaking out when i don’t get one. until i get to that point where i can’t get uglier

3. i’m on day 5 on a little workout routine i’m doing. i’m going to try doing.. 28 days straight. then after that i’m going to try another 28 days. (*experts say if you do something 28 times, it becomes a habit). so far it’s only been mostly upper body work i only have two 10 pound dumbells. so my routine is very limited. maybe i should go out and buy 30s. i don’t see much of a difference in my body. i feel stronger. my elbow however hurts… maybe i’d start running but i don’t know if my knees can take it

4. is it just me.. but do the days seem longer?

5. i bought a pickup for my guitar. money i could’ve saved to buy a new guitar… but yah.. i’ll stay with jenivieve a little longer.. she’s all banged up.. but she still plays for me…

6. i won the last 4 in fantasy football after losing the first 5. yay for me.

7. diane sent me the whole john mayer cd. i’m glad i didn’t buy it. it’s not great

it’s getting late…