i think God showed pity on me after my last entry and decited to feed me. i’ve eaten well in the last weekend. at least one full meal every day. friday i got subway and then dinner with family. saturday i got potluck and chinese food. sunday, i ate 8 slices of pizza. yum… i still have a whole pizza left minus two slices on my bed.. i should move it to my refridgerator….

it’s kinda funny cause church did a profile on me this weekend and esther interviewed my parents. one of things my mom said was that i never got hungry as a kid.. and she said i never get hungry now. “he could miss meal after meal and not eat until he was starving.” i’ve learned to adapt, i guess. maybe i’ve learned to eat in mass quantities to store up for bleak winters… 8 pizzas.. man.. so many calories…

i have no energy though.. i’m dead right now. i haven’t been getting enough sleep of late. my muscles are sore. eugene says that sleep deprivation has no influence on physical ability; only mental. maybe i’m mentally wasted. since last friday, i’ve gone to the mall, given blood, 2 times bowled, 2 hours played football, a little bit of foozball, watched remember the titans and helped my sister move in. i’ve also gone to church early and had a fight with jooree. i bowled a 70 something, 80 something, then 90 something on friday. on saturday, at the same bowling alley, i bowled a 124 and a 132. i think gloria gives me performance anxiety.. none of my spins were working. at least i broke 100 on saturday… i think i had a little bit more fun on friday though

my sister called me and woke me up on sunday morning and was like… “can you come and help us move?. rosemead guys were supposed to be here by 10:30 but no one has come yet…” i opened my eyes.. looked at the clock, and told her it was because it was only 9:45. i got there around 11, around the end of the first half of football games. i missed football for the rest of the day. sigh… i haven’t had a wasteful day watching a full day of games for a while now.

at the end of the moving day, i was hooking up their computers to a network. one computer to a network…. when i came across a motherboard and processor and ramm. mike told me he’s had it for a while but haven’t used it cause he could’t get it to work. so.. i looked at the hardware, and just looking at it i knew something was off. so i went home and did a little research. he has a pentium 4 1.7 ghz socket 478 processor with a intel motherboard that’s sockect 423 and rdram and he has two sticks of pc600 sdram. absolutely nothing matches with the other. though when he bought it a while ago, i’m sure it costed a pretty penny.

he heard i wanted to build a computer, so he said if i can get any of the parts to work, i could have it. so.. i’m going to buy an asus intel motherboard, a stick of 256 ram 2700 and use my midtower, my geforce and cd-rw and use his processor and aaron’s 80 gig harddrive, to create one kickbutt computer for about 100 bucks. yay…

i think i could make another computer with the motherboard but.. so far, it seems hard to find a socket 423 processors now and rdram is kinda rare and pricey too. shrug

here’s a picture of my “little” cousin jonathan. someone sent it to me on their phone. technology these days… he just turned 12 last friday. by the time he’s my age.. they’ll implant phones into our body.. haha.. *chills

“this is weird… why does one side of this windex bottle say OFF, and the other side says NO?…” julie ha asked while we were in the new apartment. kenneth laughed so hard he started rolling on the floor. you can roll on the floor now at my sister’s place. no cockaroaches. their old place was so bad, i opened up one of their computers and it was filled with dead insects.

this post is probably the longest i’ve ever written.. so i’ll end it with a couple last thoughts.

i think a benchmark of how much i like someone is how much i’m afraid to lose her.

i think another would be how much i’d risk to have her.

i was beginning to stress about the fact that i hadn’t been in a relationship in a while.

“better than having tons of failed relationships.

if it happens then it does

if it doesn’t then it doesn’t

just don’t stress about it

don’t care,” jennifer tells me.

“just let loose”

i will