i’ve been trying to sleep earlier lately. to build up good sleeping habits… it’s healthier or something too.. i don’t remember the reasons… hehe.. but it’s not been allowing me to post.. cause i haven’t been able to get to the required mentallity i need to in order to post. you know… 2 o’clock ramblings.. does that.. make any sense? don’t get me wrong.. i want to be up… but…

jap in the gap: someone has you on a tight leash.

TIMe ToIM TIM: hahaha

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m still up, aren’t i?

jap in the gap: i’m guessing… because the girl who has you on a leash isn’t online lol.

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: that just may be

going to bed early.. doesn’t necessarily mean i sleep earlier.. i just end up tossing and turning in bed… thinking about the weirdest things.. last night the recurring thought i had in my head was that deuce mcallister was going to score 3 td’s and the person i play against this week had him. he scored two today, but joey doesn’t have him… shrug… i might still lose to him.. i’m up by 5 points with him still with a QB

a couple nights ago… i planned out how i’m going to propose to my wife. i don’t know how.. that started… but i’ve devised a plan that can fail very easily, but will turn out great if all comes out right… i told my sister about it.. and she said it was “romantic”. she also told me… she doubts i’ll be married in the next 5 years… she told me not to worry about it.

haha.. i’m not worried about it.. but i’m starting to wonder why i haven’t had a girlfriend in 4 years. laureen told me it seems i’m attracted to man-eaters. eh… i don’t think so.. just a string of a little bad luck it seems. i figure.. only one relationship was meant to work anyways.

i got this fortune cookie the other day…

Be prepared to receive something special

so.. like i’ve said before… i’m highly suspicious.. and i got this cookie.. like a week ago.. so i’ve been waiting and preparing.. i’m not sure exactly what i’m preparing for… the fortune cookie does not say. i feel.. anything that is so random that it’s too random… ie winning the lottery, sitting in prize giving seats at ballgames, the weather, magic 8-balls, … has the hand of God leading them.

think of the process of me getting that fortune cookie. some guy has to decide.. “ok, i’m going to make a fortune that says, be prepared…” then.. with that fortune and hundreds more, management has to accept it and the many other fortunes from other people. they have to make the cookie and put the fortune in it, box it up. out of the many boxes this particular one with my fortune has to be sent to the right panda express. out of the boxes at panda express, the cashier has to decide to use this box today, reach into the box and pull out this exact fortune for me to read that day.

hand of God…

highly suspicious

so i’m waiting…

that being said.. i don’t think it necessarily means i’m going to get something special. it just tells me what i need to hear, to get what needs to be done. a la matrix. i just saw number 2. i guess.. if anything.. the fortune cookie has made me more aware of the little things i’ve been receiving … making me a little happier.

i should see.. matrix 3… i wanna see it this.. friday.. but…

it’s getting late.. and i should sleep