“cause i’m sitting here alone again

tying straws into knots”

the deeper and deeper it gets into the night, the more and more poetic my thoughts seem to try to become. it gets even worse when i close my eyes and try to actually go to sleep. then every simple sentence in my head has to be paired up with another in the same rythmn and rhyme. in the end nothing ends up making sense. and in the chaos of it all is when i finally find comfort and sleep.

i’m pretty gosh darn tired at the moment.. and.. so.. that’s how my thoughts are going right now. i’ve been motivated to write a song to play on my guitar for a while now.. but.. i don’t really know where to start from. or how to finish. or what to write about. or who to write it to. or how to sing. or how to play the guitar. so.. the process has been kind of slow. i’ll give myself a deadline for it.. how about… till the end of… january. 2005…

this has been a long day… very long day. if you know a little about me, you’d know that i’m a very light sleeper. it’s a lot of the reason why i like going home and sleeping rather than sleeping over at someone’s place. last night, the guys decided to sleep over at art’s so we could play basketball in the morning. art has one of the coldest houses … so me, joe and andy crammed onto a queen size bed to sleep. sometime.. around 1… andy on one end was cold so he wanted more blanket, and joe had a heated pad under him so he didn’t want a blanket. so me on the other end of the bed.. ended up with no blanket. very.. cold night.. i think i saw every hour of the night as a red glow on the digital clock in the room…

from when we stopped playing basketball till 10 when i got home.. all i wanted to do was go home. i was zoning out everywhere on saturday. i was zoning out everywhere on sunday… wait.. today is monday.. i was zoning out everywhere monday… i played so much sports this week. oddly.. i didn’t watch any football.

conversations of the weekend

about my new slippers

tim: “chris chong got me the slippers in the philippines”

joe: “but i thought you bought them in the 60’s”

playing an initials game at art’s house

kelly:”I and N”

kelly:”Encino Man”

tim:”dude, encino starts with an E”

kelly:”o it does”

tim:”and Man starts with a M”

about the city lights you can see from art’s house

tim: “man the lights look so pretty”

joe: “it’s because it’s christmas”

i’m not sure if the last one made sense to you unless you’ve gone to arthurs house. i don’t understand the first one at all. i wasn’t even born in the 70’s… i’ve been spending a lot of time with joe. actually i’ve spent every day with him since last last friday. we’re going bowling tomorrow. and we’re thinking about playing risk on wednesday night to thursday. then with mammoth coming and lockin… it’d cover every day till january 1st. don’t ask me why we’re doing this. frankly.. i don’t know.. haha… art’s amazed joe and i haven’t gotten in a fight. what’re we going to fight about?

my bedtime was extended a little bit today.. but i’ve still run out of time .. and i don’t think i’m making sense anymore.. so.. maybe i’ll finish tomorrow