“desperate for changing

Starving for truth

I’m closer to where i started

I’m chasing after you…”

i haven’t written a real blog in a while now. it’s just been bits and pieces of conversations i’ve had with people during the day. so, i figured before i fall asleep at the ungodly hour of one tonight, i’d write about something. the song lyrics above are hanging by the moment by lifehouse. i was talking to danny last night and he told me of a john mayer song that was one of his all time favorites – st. patricks day. it’s on my profile right now.. i looked over my mp3’s and tried to figure out which mp3’s are my all time favorites. songs that no matter have many times i hear them… when i hear it again, it makes me stop and listen.

lifehouse – hanging by a moment

the lyrics are so awesome. i think the band is pretty awesome and i like most of the songs they sing.

norah jones – don’t know why

“my heart is drenched in wine,

and you’ll be on my mind.. forever”

her voice is so sexy. so smooth. i’ve always jokingly said if i met a korean girl who could play and sing like that, i’d marry her in an instant. last year at puc campmeeting, someone was actually playing it at the piano! i don’t really talk to her much.. but she agreed to play it at the talent show next year.. we’ll see how that goes

cake – never there

“(dial tone)….

i need your arms around me

i need to feel your touch…”

it’s a happy song. i love cake. puts me in a good mood whenever i hear it

puff daddy – i’ll be missing you

“every step i take

every move i make

every single day

every time i pray

i’ll be missing you”

i’m not sure why i like this song so much. it’s not my favorite genre. but whenever i hear it.. i feel.. sad.. like i lost something… yet.. good feelings.

bbmak – miss you more

“so here i am all by myself

thinking about you and no one else”

another song i don’t really know why i like listening to it. but it gets me in a odd warm euphoria.

phil collins – you’ll be in my heart

“you’ll be in heart

no matter what they say

you’ll be here in my heart


john mayer – no such thing

“i wanna run through the halls of my highschool

i wanna scream at the top of my lungs”

i feel like.. anything’s possible when i listen to this song. that following the norm isn’t always a necessity.

fastball – out of my head

“was i out of my head

was i out of my mind

how could i’ve ever be so blind

i was waiting for an indication

it was hard to find”

i think fastball did the remake of this song. it’s one of the first secular songs i learned on the guitar. words are simple. verses are simple. straight to the point about something complicated.

everclear – i will buy you a new life

“i will buy a garden

where your flowers can bloom

i will buy you a new car

perfect shiny and blue”

i’m not sure if this is a favorite.. i just like everclear.

oddly, missing from here is jimmie’s chicken shack – do right. after i played it at puc campmeeting a couple years ago, i’ve played it maybe twice since. maybe the part of me that enjoyed this song, died there.

if you ever wanted to see what the big picture of my buddy icon was.. here it is. from left to right it’s joe, art, me. man.. that’s gotta be like.. 15 years ago. so much has changed since those happy go lucky days.

i was looking over my blogger archives. and oddly enough i have never once mentioned patty in any of my blogs. i’m thinking i probably.. mentioned her before but didn’t say her name.

here’s a run down of mentioning of names

jooree – 29

andy – 17

joe – 14

jina – 12

gloria – 11

jennifer – 10

susan – 9

oddly enough.. i’ve mentioned a grace… only 6 times. with the influx of graces i know or knew, i’m surprised the name only comes up that many times… why do i talk about jooree so much?

i’m not sure what else to write about. hmm.. i guess i can talk about love again cause it’s been on my mind of late. love is a complicating thing. everytime i pray to God and scream, “can’t you throw me a bone here.” he throws me a curveball. or a splitter. or a fastball.. have you ever tried hitting 80-90 mph after being in the 55-65 mph cage? you’re just not ready for it. either way i thank God for letting me have the chance to swing

i’m tired

can i rest my head on your shoulder?

i’m lost

where is this going?

so beautiful

are you a snowflake?

“… I’m falling even more in love with you

Letting go of all i’ve held on to

I’m standing here until you make me move

I’m hanging by a moment here with you”