TIMe ToIM TIM: i just want someone to cuddle with

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

Juryxoxoxo: is that a huge hint? or just something you want

TIMe ToIM TIM: could be a little of both

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

Juryxoxoxo: tim you never change

Juryxoxoxo: i lilke that

TIMe ToIM TIM: hmm.. that’s not a good thing

Juryxoxoxo: why not?

TIMe ToIM TIM: cause..

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m getting older

TIMe ToIM TIM: and i’m the same person

Juryxoxoxo: more or less

Juryxoxoxo: well

Juryxoxoxo: nto exactly the same

Juryxoxoxo: but still

Juryxoxoxo: constant

Juryxoxoxo: thats what i meant

Juryxoxoxo: you’re a very constant person

TIMe ToIM TIM: predictable

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

Juryxoxoxo: you’re not

Juryxoxoxo: thats the contradiction

TIMe ToIM TIM: that makes no sense

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m unpredicatably constant

Juryxoxoxo: yup

TIMe ToIM TIM: what’s.. that mean

Juryxoxoxo: i don’t know

Juryxoxoxo: your…………actions are constant

Juryxoxoxo: you go to school everyday

Juryxoxoxo: more or less

Juryxoxoxo: you go to church

Juryxoxoxo: etc

Juryxoxoxo: you eat baja fresh at least once a week

Juryxoxoxo: etc

Juryxoxoxo: but your thoughts

Juryxoxoxo: are so unpredictable

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: how do you know i go to baja fresh every week

TIMe ToIM TIM: i just had it yesterday

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

TIMe ToIM TIM: and.. last .. friday

Juryxoxoxo: see

TIMe ToIM TIM: and hte saturday before that

Juryxoxoxo: and you almost always get the bean burrito

TIMe ToIM TIM: i always do

Juryxoxoxo: and you like the grilled leeks with it

Juryxoxoxo: and you get a coke

TIMe ToIM TIM: actually

TIMe ToIM TIM: i get jalapenos now too

Juryxoxoxo: ohh see?

Juryxoxoxo: change

TIMe ToIM TIM: yet.. the same

Juryxoxoxo: yes

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

Juryxoxoxo: sigh