i wrote something else to start this blog, but i just ended up deleting it. it was too much nonsense and jibberjabber. even i was having a hard time following it. i’m not sure what exactly to write. i have no starting point or no finishing point or any idea what to write in the middle like i usually have before i start my other posts. as i was running today, a hundred thoughts were running through my head like usual, but none seemed worthy to post. but i was ask to. therefore i will.

so.. here’s just.. some of the randomness

1. my mom wants me to drink this mix every morning. two mixes actually. it’s a mix of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. so.. for about 150 calories i drink a mix that simulates a healthy meal without the calorie intake. which leads me to believe, she’s trying to starve me to death without my knowing. i’m down to 135 pounds.

2. i bowled an average of 120 this week bowling in three games. which of course means gloria wasn’t there. no performance anxiety. i also realize i can hit the 10 pin if i bowl left handed. but my left wrist starts to get painful. i think it didn’t heal correctly from when i broke it in 8th grade. i think this may explain why i’m more comfortable swinging left-handed in baseball as well. (when you swing left handed in baseball, your right hand is the lead hand)

3. my glass seems to be half-full for the first time since i could remember. i seem.. happier these days. looking forward to things. i even got a ticket going to church in the morning… but it only phased me for a little bit.

4. playing football on friday, there was a controversial play on a touchdown pass from joey to someone. there was a long debate on whether joey threw the ball before his flag was taken off.

craig stated as if fact that “joey threw the ball before the flag was taken off”.

and i said, “that’s not true.”

there was a pause on the field. and there was no more discussion about the play. awkward

5. i’ve started to work out my biceps and in a couple weeks, my right bicep is now one centimeter bigger. that’s right… my right arm is now a whopping 2cm. i also measured my left bicep and realize it’s 2cm smaller than my right bicep. yes, this means i have a left bicep that is 0cm.

6. i think i want to take guitar theory. jessie cleaned my guitar the other day. man, is it shiny

7. my weatherbug tells me it’s 49 degrees in san gabriel. that’s pretty cold.

8. last weekend, i was working on the lac website on the computer in church and ben came in and saw all the html i had on notepad. he just looked at it was like.. what the.. but when i look at it, i see a table and windows and pictures. and when i look at my website i see people as ip addresses. although more complicated, i can see how numbers going down the computer screen can possibly be translated into a blonde or a brunette or portal or something else… a la matrix… possibly

it’s.. getting late.. i’m sorry if this post doesn’t have the same pizazz of my other posts assuming my other posts had some pizazz. i might’ve just made that word up. i’ll end with this little survey i took


Don’t Want To Commit

Once the blush of first love wears off with your partners, do you get a little antsy? You probably crave excitement in all realms of your life, and you need a relationship to keep you filled with possibilities. Let us guess: Someone has probably told you that you haven’t quite grown up yet, that you’re still holding out for the perfect “whatevers” (job, car, home, date) in your life to come a knockin’. Or perhaps you’re just having a difficult time accepting that your comfortable little place in this world is always growing, always evolving — and that means you have to be willing to accept big life changes, too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. After all, you’re probably a lot of fun to be around and may be the life of the party.

But when it comes to settling down, you leave without looking back twice. Now’s the time to ask yourself: Why? What’s holding you back? Maybe you don’t want someone to get to know you fully? Perhaps by saying “yes” to someone, you’re afraid you’ll lose yourself, or the possibility of something better coming along. Just remember that the best relationships are those that never stop growing. That’s something you can identify with, right? So keep that in mind next time you find someone you’re really comfortable with. You never know, it may prove even more exciting once you really get to know each other, teensy flaws and all.


who knew….