i was talking to phillip the other day. if you don’t know who phillip is, he’s the white guy that comes to my church. the first thing you’ll realize when you talk to him is that there’s something off about him. i’m not a psych major nor did i do well in my psych classes, but i’d say he’s suffering with schizophrenia. whenever he shows up, you can tell everyone becomes awkward or shies away. either way, he knows my sister and i’ve been a la central lifer, so he knows me well enough to come up and try talk to me.

last saturday was the first time i actually tried to listen.

listen to him a minute and he’ll give you too much information. he goes off tangents on tangents off other tangents and it’s difficult to follow. half the time, i have to tell him to slow down and explain what he just said. other times he quotes bible texts and stats like they’re written in front of him. but if you actually sit down and listen to him, his main point is clear, it’s researched and it’s something i hadn’t heard in quite a long time.

“Jesus is coming soon. ”

growing up, every friday night and every saturday, the only thing i ever heard at church was that Jesus is coming soon. every week, we were told, “in revelation 22:17 it states ‘Yes, I am coming soon’.” now i had to look it up to even know what it says. Over the years, the moral of ever sermon changed from “God is coming” to “God is love”. Now i’m not saying that, this is a bad thing. I do believe, if we love, we do go to heaven. all you really need is love. However, i feel the urgency of His coming has left the church.

“Jesus is coming, but not any time soon.”

He’s coming, but not before i graduate. not before i get married. not before i start a career. not before i have kids. not before i retire. not before i become an invalid and have nothing else left to do but wait for God come.

Now here’s where it became weird. Phillip asked me what i was studying. i told him computer science. he told me that was good because becoming a doctor or dentist wouldn’t make sense. “The end of the world will be happen in the spring of 2009.” he told me by the time i become a doctor, i’d have 200,000 dollars in loans and no place to work. i asked him how he got that date, and he told a couple dates and other things. too hard for me to follow. something to do with 1889. he also said something about 3 and a half years of hardship. too hard to follow.

2009. that’s in six years. that’s too soon. there’s so much i want to do in my life. so much i want to see. i want to ski dive and bunjee jump. i want to see LA get a football team. i want to have a job with salary. i want to see what’ll happen with that girl i like. not enough time. i’m putting other things in front of God.

i’m not saying i believe the world will end at 2009. i guess it could, but it says in the bible that only God knows the time of Jesus’ return. that he’ll come like a thief in the night. but i’m asking this. if you knew the end was soon, would you still live your life the same way? here’s my challenge to you. have a God first mentality. if you keep putting Him off for something else, maybe it’ll be too late.


on a lighter note, happy birthday, mike. 28 years old. that’s crazy.