laureen’s analysis of the dream

azn3ERRY: that was quite interesting, your latest entry

TIMe ToIM TIM: hmm?

azn3ERRY: on you website


TIMe ToIM TIM: i see

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: what do you think of it

azn3ERRY: it was so sad

azn3ERRY: like something out of an anime movie or something

TIMe ToIM TIM: hehe

azn3ERRY: interesting

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’ve never seen one

azn3ERRY: yeah

azn3ERRY: neither have i, actually

azn3ERRY: but it sounds like it

azn3ERRY: haha

azn3ERRY: it was so tragic

azn3ERRY: and so like…

azn3ERRY: vivid

azn3ERRY: like, an actual story, not just weird random stuff

TIMe ToIM TIM: hahaha

TIMe ToIM TIM: so.. analyze it for me

azn3ERRY: analyze/

azn3ERRY: hmm….

azn3ERRY: maybe

azn3ERRY: you’re so busy trying to please everyone that you don’t have time for this person

azn3ERRY: or something

azn3ERRY: or

azn3ERRY: you don’t communicate with her enough, and she doesn’t know how yo ufeel?

azn3ERRY: or

azn3ERRY: she’s misunderstood you

azn3ERRY: somehow

azn3ERRY: i don’t know

TIMe ToIM TIM: hmm

azn3ERRY: or like

azn3ERRY: you’re too preoccupied with your own feelings that you don’t see that she has feelings too

TIMe ToIM TIM: hmm… what?

azn3ERRY: like

azn3ERRY: how you were crying and stuff

azn3ERRY: but then, you didn’t realize that she was crying too

azn3ERRY: i dont’ know

azn3ERRY: it’s like a hans christian anderson tale