i went to camp cedar falls last weekend. here’s the weekend in pictures

here’s me and jina walking on the first night to see stars… it was a very cold night

here’s me, richie and jay getting intimate… it was a very very cold night

here’s me playing guitar for worship

here’s me.. i’m on the far left getting ready to go down the hill on a frisbee

here’s me.. going down the hill on the frisbee… yay! fun

here’s me.. after going down the hill on the ground after falling off the frisbee and landing on my butt… notice everyone laughing at me except gloria. she looks concerned or.. apathetic

here’s me and joe… we’re sledding again.. we’re about to crash into dirt

here’s me and sarah… “hmmm… is that so, sarah?”

well.. camp cedar falls was supposed to be a rest and relaxation weekend. a weekend to recharge my spiritual battery.. but for some reason.. it didn’t quite turn out that way for me. i was in an irritable mood all weekend and i’m not sure exactly why.

i’m a very light sleeper and i didn’t get much sleep the first night because i decided to run early in the morning on saturday.. and saturday night.. i let sarah and jina borrow my sleeping bags.. so i had a small blanket for myself.. i think i got.. an hour of sleep that night.

on sunday.. we went bowling and i bowled a 88, 68 and a 99. terrible.. absolutely terrible. couldn’t even break 100. now i owe gloria jamba juice, she owes me a car wash, and i owe jina ice cream and home-made cookies. a 68.. i bowl practically every week.. and i get a 68?

my irritation exploded on my drive back from camp cedar falls. something as stupid as… my phone being turned off and my car seperating from the group set me off. laureen says i’m unapproachable sometimes. and this was one of those times. i was enraged. i zoned out and i was in my own world.

in the midst of my angry stupor…. jina touched my arm. and suddenly.. i crashed out of my zone. my mind felt like it shifted. it was the most incredible feeling. i’m not sure how to explain. but i felt it amazing enough that i had to write about here.. i think if anyone else had touched me, i would’ve ripped off their head. but.. for some reason.. it was different.. it was like.. my anger was taken from me. a new force was given to me.

i don’t know …

it was an interesting weekend.. through it all though.. i’m glad i went to camp cedar falls. however.. i can still feel my irritation.. wavering outside my void. and i’m trying to control it. hopefully it’ll pass…