2003 had been a very interesting year for me.. i think when i look back some day when i’m old and grey… i’m going to see it as a year where i learned a lot about myself. i learned where my limits were and where i can still excel. i learned that some things don’t last forever but there’s also always constants. i think i learned that if i truly want anything i can still achieve it as long as it’s under a certain threshold.

i became very close to some people i hardly knew existed. faded from some that were closest to me. solidified friendships that were strong already. learned to rely on certain people i never thought would be around me.

i thought i liked someone, thought i hated someone, liked no one. then fell completely for someone.

i wore a new necklace, carrid the same cell phone, used an old wallet and now need to change my watch battery. i wore glasses for the whole year and wore contacts maybe 5 times at most.

i turned to an age where there’s nothing left to look forward to till 40. i’m not sure if you actually look forward to that. i passed as 17 at magic mountain and as a teen at mammoth. i still get carded at the movies but not for lottery tickets.

i think i realized how constant my God is in my life. His humor; His irony; His love.

alright.. i fell to temptation

buy a new instrument

stay vegetarian

give blood 6 times

tell someone i love them

tell someone i like them

be able to do 25 pull ups by june; 40 by december

do something i didn’t know i could do

be certified in something

finally get a pcc id card

bench more than my weight

trust myself

trust God

set out a plan

finish my song

2004 i already know will be a big year. so much has happened already. and so much still hangs on a balance from last year because of things from last year. i gotta decide on where i’m going to be heading next. i know i’m going to be an uncle, twice over. what more surprises are in store.

i’d like to thank everyone who was part of my life last year. and thank everyone who will be part of my life this year. let’s have another great year together.=)