i actually started a post yesterday, but for reasons i don’t remember i never got to finish it. i’m not even sure what i was going to write about anyways. i was probably going to write about mammoth. mammoth was… an adventure. if you want to read people’s sites about the weekend here’s a couple from my church

andy k



obviously i had a different experience from them, but that’s the general jist of it all. i myself was very unaware with a lot of stuff that was going on around me that didn’t involve me. and i probaby wasn’t aware of a couple stuff that was going on around me that did involve me.. so i don’t really understand a lot of stuff they wrote about.

i feel compelled to be cliche and write about my new years resolutions. truthfully… i don’t have any. honestly… i feel i don’t need new years to make a resolution; i can make one any day. in actuallity, i don’t know if i’d want to commit myself to such a life altering decision.

so what i thought would be a long entry turns out to be one of the shortest i’ve had in a while.. maybe i’ll write more later.

“i’m not certain every morning sunrise blooms flowers

and i don’t know for sure that after sunsets the moon and stars follow

but what i know this is true

it’s been proven through and through

is that… i love you today…

and i’ll love you tomorrow. “