well here’s my public league draft. on record, i had first pick in the draft. and.. i missed the first 11 rounds of the draft because i was taking a nap. i’m a little disappointed with how it went.. but.. whatever, my fault. now i can sort of plan out how the lwf draft will go

1 A. Pujols

2 V. Wells

3 K. Foulke

4 G. Anderson

5 A. Jones

6 T. Hoffman

7 R. Ortiz

8 M. Clement

9 R. Sanders

10 M. Redman

11 T. Wakefield

12 T. Walker

13 J. Kendall

14 M. MacDougal

15 K. Greene

16 A. Sanchez

17 A. Beltre

18 E. Jackson

19 B. Roberts

20 B. Crosby

21 J. Crede

umm.. yah.. i realize.. waking up earlier in the day and sleeping around the same time as before… causes my days to be a lot longer.

i’m taking 15 units this semester.. and the recurring thought in my head is… that i don’t have quite enough homework.

i’m addicted to yogurt

and i need a haircut