timeToIMtim: ooo k

Juryxoxoxo: did you read it

timeToIMtim: *nod

Juryxoxoxo: reminds me of you

timeToIMtim: why?

Juryxoxoxo: it seems like something you would do for a girl

Juryxoxoxo: and that sigh at the end totally reminded me of you

timeToIMtim: haha

Juryxoxoxo: doesnm’t it?

timeToIMtim: i suppose

timeToIMtim: i’m not that whooped

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

Juryxoxoxo: nono

Juryxoxoxo: its not about your being whipped

Juryxoxoxo: ok maybe girl was the wrong word

Juryxoxoxo: more like

Juryxoxoxo: you would do that for anybody you cared about

Juryxoxoxo: but you would sigh about it