dreams are.. interesting things. and it seems to be a reoccuring subject in conversations i’ve been having with people. it could be analysis of the dream i had, or my part in a dream they had… or just the fact that they are actually dreaming now.

you can wake up from a dream and be totally disgusted or totally embarrassed or totally saddened by something that never even happened. certain dreams can bring you closer to people and others make you feel utter bitterness toward someone. a lot of times.. i don’t wake up wondering why i had a dream… rather why certain people had a certain part in the dream. i think to myself.. i’d never go to this person for that situation.. why would i in a dream?

i remember my first girlfriend i had .. i actually fell for her inside a dream. the feelings i had for her in the dream were so intense and so vivid, i couldn’t do anything but try to recipricate the feelings i had for her in real life. lately i’ve been having a reoccuring person in my dreams and every time i wake up i feel a sense of repugnance toward her. i have to keep reminding myself it’s only a dream.

but what is a dream? what makes you dream the things you dream? is it your own self conception… or is a message from a higher being? if i’m in control of my own dreams..why do they feel so out of control? if they dreams are so unrealistic.. why in the dream can’t i realize that?

i don’t know.. that’s all i have to say about that..

wel.. super bowl weekend has come and gone.. and the game was more exciting than i expected though i could’ve slept through the first half. the morning game was the smallest i’ve seen in a long time.. there was only 9 of us. though it was pretty relaxing.

shortsmurf91: hi tim


shortsmurf91: give me a shout out on ur website =)

TIMe ToIM TIM: a shout out?

shortsmurf91: yep

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

shortsmurf91: =)

shortsmurf91: do you play gunbound?

TIMe ToIM TIM: *shake head

shortsmurf91: lol

TIMe ToIM TIM: next time i post.. i’ll give you a shout out

haha… i actually posted this picture of jonathan.. a long time ago… though i don’t think he ever saw it… if you were wondering the sudden barrage of posts.. it was to eventually give jonathan a shout out… haha.. i think i’m getting.. old..

here’s a picture of aaron… his brother. in my green jetta. so cute in the picture… my jetta i mean. aaron and i, last saturday after church, and couple of other guys “jammed” with the church praise equipment because it was still out. it was pretty fun actually. aaron was pretty rough on the bass at first but he caught on pretty quickly.

jay played the box and eugene played the guitar. afterwards jay left and richie played the box and bryan played the keyboard. then jessie played the keyboard. i think i had the most fun when it was me and aaron.

o btw.. jay drives. oddly enough.. i trust.. his driving more than i do… other.. people’s..

all in all.. it was a pretty good weekend.