God knows i should be sleeping right now.. but i decided to update first. tomorrow’s going to be a hectic day. I hate the parking lot at pcc on the first day. i’m actually thinking driving there now and sleeping there wouldn’t be such a bad idea at the moment. but i guess that’s.. slightly overkill.

i’m going to turn my car in tomorrow. if you didn’t know and chances are you don’t, i was rear ended on saturday. my trunk doesn’t open anymore. and my back feels kinda off. turns out, the woman might not have insurance. we’ll see what happens with that

i added the ability to comment on my website. don’t know why.. wonder if anyone will. i’d prefer a guestbook hit instead.

dodgers signed a new GM. i hope he doesn’t trade away the prospects. he’s only 31. he graduated with honors from harvard.

i saw someone at the mall today. ever get that feeling that someone’s watching you? well i did.. and i looked up and this girl was looking at me… i went to my car, came back, and the girl was still there. and we both looked at each other for a while. and i walked away.

saw 50 first dates and butterfly effect.. i thought both were pretty good. the concept of butterfly effect is interesting. it’s kinda like.. the simpsons episode where homer makes a time machine toaster

every time i look at my car i feel sad. i cleaned it out today. mostly sports stuff.. but a lot of other memories.

i think i knew her from somewhere

i love sun dried tomatoes. sun dried tomatoes with pasta.. or.. sun dried tomatoes with pizza. mmm… anything with sun dried tomatos.

i want to crack my back but it doesn’t crack. frustrates me. i wonder if aileen’s ok.

when i eat a lot of flaming hot fries, i look like i’m wearing lipstick. cherry red lipstick

do you like the lyrics from the post before? i just need to write music for it

i think i might’ve found a new guitar that i’m going to strive to get. it’s a yamaha.