lately i’ve been feeling weak

every day can be a week

my life it feels so bleak

i don’t know of what i speak

every day i get a little bit older

though i don’t think i’m getting wiser

maybe i’m a little bit stronger

can’t take this any longer

you don’t dictate who i’ll be

no, i don’t need your simpathy

it was you all along

this i can’t be wrong

i’m just a shell of what used to be

lately i haven’t been strong

don’t worry about me, nothing’s wrong

though i think it was you all along

i’ll just bitch inside this song

you won’t dictate who i’ll be

to me you’re atrophy

it was you all along

this i’m sure i can’t be wrong

a shell of what used to be

someday i’ll prove i’m strong

i’ll prove that you were wrong

someday i’ll prove i’m wise

realize, your truths just lies

and that’ll be the day

where i can throw it all away

the last thing i have to say..

you can’t dictate who i’ll be

don’t need your empathy

all disappointment put aside

don’t need you for the ride

look at you, don’t look at me

i’m just a younger shell of what you

used to be