there’s something different in the air. the winds have brought something new. a tornado has hit my room. well.. i rearranged the furniture in my room today. well.. i’m still in process. right now.. other than the desk.. everything else is scatterred all over the floor and on my bed. i’m gonna have to clean it up before i sleep. for some reason… every 3 months or so.. sometimes more.. i feel the need to change the look of my room. there may be a psycho bitch out there that could analyze this as to do with some sort of fear of commitment or utter selfishness… (hehe, let’s laugh together laureen) *awkward laugh…* .. but this is just how i’ve always been.

i think i’ve disassembled and reassembled my desktop over 10 times now. since it’s made of cheap plywood, the holes are all morphed now and the boards don’t quite stay together. it’s been long since i removed the keyboard tray and the secret shelf. there’s only 4 corners to a square room and it’s starting to get harder to be more creative on how to change it into something completely different. i don’t know.. next time you come to my room.. tell me how it looks. i like how spacie it is…

(…i’m craving a wild cherry pepsi…)

well it’s been.. a week since i’ve done my hair. you couldn’t imagine how many people commented on it this weekend. everything from.. “i like your new haircut” to “what the hell?”.. it’s just hair.. of course.. no one commented on the fact that i didn’t wear glasses.. i find that a bit odd. i’ll have to go another week without them.

that girl that asks me out in class.. i asked her what she thought of my hair and she said.. “i like anything you do to your hair because you’re tim.” haha… *awkward laugh* but her point is valid. but i don’t like my hair.

(…i want flaming hot fries..)

i think it may be my contacts.. but i seem to always have this.. sense.. of.. fogginess. almost like i’m in a dream. i’m constantly tired. constantly in need for a nap. i’m sure this is due to my schedule. it was alright in the beginning but.. as the weeks have gone by.. i think my body is feeling the effects of it. days feel like weeks. i have a hard time remembering the mornings in the evenings. and i’m missing certain people a lot.. seems like months since i’ve seen them… *shrug..

just waiting for the feeling to pass.

(…as for my other needs, i’m going to 7-11 right now…)