another day passes and… ftp server is still down…


just got back from backpacking…

you can go to bryan’s blog “feel the emotion” for some minor details on how it went. I give him props for using Blogspot and not xanga like all those uncultured buffoons.

just some details

– including the trip to the waterfalls, the total trip was about 11 miles

– we left church on saturday at 9, and surprisingly to me, only one person was there.

– it took 1 hour to find parking

– a parking pass to park is 5 dollars. a parking ticket for parking without a pass is 5 dollars.

– koreans like to hike with ski poles

– there was 7 of us, but we carried food for 15 people

– each of us on average ate about a pound of cheese

– when we got back, we ordered 3 pizzas.

anyways.. i gave blood on friday, and i got 2 hours of sleep on friday night.. so.. by the time we got back, i was very tired… remind me never to give blood right before again.