there’s really no point for me to write here… my ftp server is down.. so it may be days before it’s actually published… but people have been visiting my site at an alarming rate.. and even though i can’t change anything on it.. i wanna show that i made at least an effort.

umm.. my little cousin (aaron)’s birthday just passed. though he’s not little anymore. it’s been a long time since the days where i couldn’t stand him… to the days i could tolerate him.. to now where i enjoy his presence.

i think my first memory of him is reciting all the state capitals. i remember making him catch footballs with his eyes closed. there was a time when he could tell you who played what position and what team they were on for every nfl player. i remember he used to call me lenny..

i’m proud of who you are and who you’re becoming. now we can watch rated-R movies together.