i got my car back today. no it has no spoiler. but there’s other changes on it that i didn’t expect. they some how screwed my front license plate to my front bumper without the holder. they also fixed my fuel tank door. my trunk is slightly different now. you wouldn’t be able to tell. my handling is so tight. and there’s this funky smell that kills me. it’s like.. a mix of what it used to smell like with the smell of burnt plastic. at times i can’t stand it.

i’m using my sister’s old cell phone now. no more voice dial… sigh. no more voice memos. no more.. “happy birthday to you” sung off key…. hello speaker tones. hello vibration. hello battery life that’s more than 2 hours. it has a couple games too.. but whatever about that. reception seems to be slightly better. and the phone is slightly slimmer. it took me.. about 30 minutes to find out what the lock code was on it. i ended up just doing plugging in




… etc

after 0299, i started plugging random numbers in. and i got it. the alarm on this thing is really loud. it scared the crap out of me just right now and i was expecting it to go off.

i changed the layout of this website.. slightly.. i’m sure you can’t tell how. i changed the la central one.. a lot. it looks so clean. i’ll probably get more pictures for it later this weekend. what i like most about both websites is that they both don’t look like each other. that’s something i always struggle with. o btw.. the church site just past 1000 hits.

i got asked out on a date a couple days ago… by a girl that’s in one of my classes. i found that.. pretty interesting. i’m not at all interested in the girl.. she’s a compulsive smoker… but it’s been a long time since the last time a stranger’s done that to me. it put me in a really good mood.. in a confused mood. sure i still have my “who the hell cares about girls” attitude… but it was nice either way.