7:10 – woke up

driving to school today… 15 minutes late, i saw a man wearing medical clothes on the side of the road yelling for some help. so even though i was late, i made a big U-ee and went back to guy. for some reason for the first time this semester, i decided to wear shoes and if this guy needs a push… hey.. first time i’d be able to.

first thing when i got out of my car the black man said to me…

“are you going to san bernadino?”


“my name is duane and i live in temple city. my cars messed up and i need to work… i’m a nurse in san bernadino.. here’s my drivers license.. here’s my hospital id..

suspicion creeped in my head… a male nurse? wow.. you don’t see that every day.

“…the bus said it’d cost 18.50 for me to get there… i only have spare change. can you spare me some money.. what’s your address… i’ll pay you back…”

i gave the guy 5 bucks. mind you.. i lost my wallet a month or so ago with quite a bit of change in there. and… recently i’ve been living off peanuts… literally… for some reason my parents keep buying bags of peanuts.. and ramen…

30 minutes late…

i walk into my class… wearing my red gym shorts, my ripped gap shirt, my dodger cap backwards and my new running shoes. i make eye contact with an asian girl in the class. the only asian girl in the class i believe. the only.. girl in the class maybe.. (there’s a lot of computers.. and i sit in the front.. so i don’t see many people) she looks in my eyes.. and she smiles. do i amuse you?

7:30 – i haven’t missed anything in class.

jay’s reviewing yesterday’s lecture. actually.. he’s been reviewing yesterdays’ lectures all week. come on jay, we’re only halfway through the semester… already ran out of things to teach?

7:45 – surf’s up

after completing the in-class assignment… i’ve decided to surf the web. hmmm.. mike still hasn’t gotten back to me on the email i sent. maybe i’ve sent it to the wrong address? i’m doing pretty well in the rosemead fantasy baseball league.. i’ve jumped about 30 points since i’ve been paying attention to the league. though i’ve dropped like.. 15 points in the LA league. my brain is so one track sometimes.

multitasking eludes me.

hmm.. what classes to take for summer…. last class is on 7-24. the mission trip ends on the 27th. o well.

8:15 – come back home

i leave school.. and as i’m driving down san gabriel, i check to see if duane is still there, yelling at cars… technically i have enough time to drive him to san bernadino.. where ever that is…his car isn’t there anymore. that bastard.

8:25 – get home

this is the first time… i’ve come home from my first class and my parents have been gone. where are they?… this is the first time i’ve done an entry pretty much on what i did in the day.

9:06 – finished blog

i’m going to take a nap