(— what do you think of this guitar?

this is a washburn nv100 acoustic-electric guitar.

it features a b-band under-saddle mic

2-bolt neck joint

schaller engraved tuners

buzz feiten tuning system

other things

and comes with a hardshell case. most of this of course goes over my head.

it looks like a beautiful guitar though and i like playing on washburns.

how about this one? —)

this is a yamaha cpx8m acoustic/electric guitar.

it features

system 45 2-way preamp

w/piezo pickup and mic

gold tuners

mahogany back, sides and neck…

again.. most of this stuff goes over my head. but my current guitar is a yamaha and i just love the feel of a yamaha. i’m used to the feel of a yamaha.

i don’t particularly like the acoustics of a martin. nor do i like the feeling of a fender. taylor’s are far too expensive. ovations are girls guitars. well.. my mom seems to be in the giving mood.. so she said she’d get me a guitar. i told her she should get my sister a piano. it’d be a shame if the boys grew up without one.


mike, i got shin guards

charlene, i got running shoes