my cell phone – PRESS A KEY TO CONTINUE

susan – where is A?

i really don’t have anything to talk about.. actually that’s a blatant lie. there’s things i could talk about from, let’s say, last weekend; i just don’t feel like writing about anything. maybe i’ll feel like it later on.. but not now

hmmm… i just came home today and my room was clean because i cleaned it on friday.

i’m starting to realize how much of a jesus freak i’m starting to become…”you’re not really a jesus freak, you’re just strong in your faith,” jooree says to me.. hmm.. sure

i didn’t realize how much i missed talking to you, jooree.

i think something i do a lot is pray that something’ll happen… and when it finally does.. i ask God why it did.

i don’t think a person can say they hate their life and also say they love God at the same time.

i hate change.

Thank you, joey. pastor joey. for the last 3 years.

this post is really taking me too long to write.

my weekend started and ended with LA Central.

it snowed this weekend… it’s only the.. 3rd times i’ve seen it snow

i’m praying for you. pray for me

i gotta start working out again.

happy birthday…

i love change.

wow.. i wrote more than i thought i would.

– this post was for susan.. she cracks me up.