Laureen the Mean: oh yeah

Laureen the Mean: i forgot to ask

Laureen the Mean: how are things with you and what’s-her-name?

timeToIMtim: who?

Laureen the Mean: i dont know

Laureen the Mean: whoever you were talking about in your blog

… she’s referring to my april 13 blog. i was not talking about a girl.

Laureen the Mean: why didn’t you come today?

Laureen the Mean: or did you go to rosemead again

timeToIMtim: rosemead

Laureen the Mean: i c

timeToIMtim: were you looking for me?

Laureen the Mean: YES

Laureen the Mean: THAT IS WHY I GO TO CHURCH

timeToIMtim: what?

… that’s pretty sweet

Laureen the Mean: haha

Laureen the Mean: nothing

Laureen the Mean: i was just wondering

Laureen the Mean: i figured

Laureen the Mean: i finally came

Laureen the Mean: you should have the decency to come as well

Laureen the Mean: haha

… i haven’t been to la central in 3 weeks for church on saturday

Laureen the Mean: so you are leaving the church

timeToIMtim: hmm?

Laureen the Mean: i found out completely by accident, btw

Laureen the Mean: is that it\?

timeToIMtim: what?

Laureen the Mean: what it was that you were going to tell me

timeToIMtim: not exactly

….her tense was wrong

Laureen the Mean: oh

Laureen the Mean: i c

timeToIMtim: and i left la central 3 weeks ago

Laureen the Mean: i c

Laureen the Mean: yeah

Laureen the Mean: i am sad

Laureen the Mean: it makes me sad

… that’s pretty sweet, too

Laureen the Mean: joey was like

Laureen the Mean: ben, did tim talk to you about his guitar?

Laureen the Mean: and ben was like

Laureen the Mean: yeah

… i’m, like you know, looking to buy a new guitar.

Laureen the Mean: and kelly was like

Laureen the Mean: wait, so is tim not coming from now on?

Laureen the Mean: and joey was like, yeah, except for friday nights

… so apparently word got around last saturday… and if you don’t know but care… (which eliminates most of you) and haven’t figured it out from this blog, i go to rosemead now.

i’ve actually been going there for the last 3 weeks. last week was the first time i did praise with them. and it actually turned out better than i expected. sure we practiced for about 3 and half hours but.. in the end, the result seemed worth it.

the transition has honestly been really hard for me. sure it’s nice to play sports instead of just sitting around playing cards or watching tivo. sure, everyone’s really friendly. sure, i’ve got my sister there… my brother’s the pastor… my parents are totally supportive… but there’s things i still struggle with.

i don’t really know where my place is yet.

i went to play soccer for rosemead yesterday. i wasn’t even initially on the roster.

pastor alex called me today. he too found out on saturday. asked me if i would come back. asked me if i was going to come back. told me there was a need for me at LA. told me about the praise fiasco of last sabbath. i read about it in bryan’s blog….

well, in the morning i went to church, and praise was sooo ghetto. jessie was supposed to lead, but because of his foot injury he got at northern, he didn’t come, and our other leader wasn’t there either, so a couple guys went up and got someone to play piano and we sang some old hymns. it was weird….

– bryan myung

…. he told me of the praise fiasco in general. made me question myself again.

i told him i was committed to rosemead. i told him someday when all is done in rosemead, i will comeback.

lac is family. lp forever. lwf clan rules the deserts. calvin racing crew rules the streets. i’ve grown close to many people there. loved.


i teach vivian how to play the guitar@rosemead though she doesn’t need the help really. she’s actually already pretty good. she said something really sweet to me yesterday. it was something like… “the faster i learn to play, the sooner you leave. i don’t want that” that’s actually the first time someone other than family said they wanted me around.

that’s not true.. at the end of soccer on sunday, the adults told me i should come play every week.

actually… it’s not bad..

i’m starting to really like it…

timeToIMtim: it’s nice to know the church isn’t evil

Laureen the Mean: not all the way through, anyway

Laureen the Mean: haha

timeToIMtim: well.. it’s nice to know it won’t fall apart when i leave

Laureen the Mean: yes

Laureen the Mean: as hard as it is to believe

Laureen the Mean: i think we’d survive

Laureen the Mean: i think i should take a nap

Laureen the Mean: so

Laureen the Mean: ttyl

timeToIMtim: k

here’s the color codes.


april 25, 2004


may 1, 2004


may 2, 2004


april 7, 2004

…. i actually told laureen my decision before i even knew i was leaving