sitting in class, i realized jay was looking at me a lot more today as he taught. he’d pan in my direction every couple seconds. even though i sit in front of the class, i’m not used to this.. makes me uncomfortable… makes surfing the web harder. but i did anyways. there’s so many computers in the room, it hard seeing what other people are doing….

i got email confirmation on the tuner i got from musician’s friend.

i got email confirmation on the guitar from pro audio. it’s going to take 3-6 weeks. i’m so excited.

i don’t recommend buying from there.

my fantasy team in rosemead is now in first… of course whenever i mention this, i drop in the standings..

i don’t even check the LA one anymore.

if mike had just listened to me two days ago and picked up brian roberts.. he would’ve had 4 sb’s last night… now.. roberts’ probably going to get hurt.

it took me $7.50 and 40 minutes to change my oil yesterday.

to show how tired i’ve been lately… i could’ve done the oil change faster but i fell asleep under my car.

i love the smell of pepboys. it gets me all nostalgic and dizzy. the mixture of oil, fumes and rubber. it reminds me of my firebird. *sigh

my sister’s closet gives me the same feeling…. just one of my quirks

speaking of quirks.. driving up san gabriel the other day, the palm trees were really freaking me out. i think it either has to do with a fear of always being watched or.. maybe i grew up with bad eyes, and it trips me out that i can see things far away. *shrug

the first person to read this will be my 7000th page hit. the 8th person who reads it will be my 4000th unique hit. pretty good for an independent site with no links to it. o nope.. as i was writing this someone just hit the website.. so.. the 7th person to read this will be my 4000th unique hit.

… so at the end of class, jay said his usual, “time to go. put your chairs under your desks and i’ll see you tomorrow.” i … like i always say.. sit in the front of the class so i can’t see anything behind me…. i stand up to leave and realize there was only 3 other people in the class.